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  • Law Classification, Historical

    Law Classification, Historical in Europe A nation’s law, as it exists at any date in the nation’s history, whether expressed by a written constitution, by statutes, by case law, by customs, or, as is now usually the case in civilized countries, by all of these in combination, may be […]

  • General Index

    This page is the overall index to the European Encyclopedia of Law; any page can ideally be reached directly or indirectly from this page. Note that the index is still somewhat incomplete. Europe: Akrotiri and Dhekelia • Åland • Albania • Andorra • Armenia • Austria • Azerbaijan • Belarus • Belgium • Bosnia and…

  • Constitutional Text: Brazil Constitution of 1988

    Constitutional Text: Brazil Constitution of 1988 in Europe CONSTITUTION OF THE FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC OF BRAZIL OCTOBER 5, 1988 Preamble We, the representatives of the Brazilian People, convened in the National Constituent Assembly to institute a democratic state for the purpose of ensuring […]