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  • Action Plan on “A More Coherent European Contract Law”

    On 12 February 2003, the European Commission published its communication A More Coherent European Contract Law – An Action Plan. In order to foster a transparent consultation procedure, the Commission has asked stakeholders to comment on the issues raised. One of the most important fields of […]

  • Common Frame of Reference for Common Principles of European Contract Law

    The Joint Network on European Private Law. By the end of 2008 this network will deliver a proposal for the so-called Common Frame of Reference containing the Common Principles of European Contract Law (CoPECL). The idea was that the Network will deliver a proposal for the Common Frame of […]

  • Principles of European Contract Law

    Principles of European Contract Law (Commision on European Contract Law) 2 25 May 2002 PRINCIPLES OF EUROPEAN CONTRACT LAW TEXT OF ARTICLES IN PART 3, IN ENGLISH CHAPTER 10 Plurality of parties Section 1: Plurality of debtors ARTICLE 10:101: SOLIDARY, SEPARATE AND […]

  • Principles of European Contract Law (Commision on European Contract Law)

     Principles of European Contract Law (Commision on European Contract Law) 1 The “Principles of Existing EC Contract Law” differ from to other initiatives relating to European private law, mainly in that they will be harvested from the existing Community law and not from domestic legal […]

  • EU Legislation relevant for private law until 14.01.2009

    EU Legislation relevant for private law until 14.01.2009 in Europe Date Official Number Title Official Journal 14.01.2009 Directive 2008/122/EC Directive 2008/122/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 14 January 2009 on the protection of consumers in respect of certain […]

  • European Caselaw Databases

    JURE, a database created by the European Commission, contains case law on jurisdiction in civil and commercial matters and on the recognition and enforcement of judgments in a State other than the one where the judgment was passed. This includes case law on relevant international […]

  • Primacy of European Law

    Primacy of Union Law Over National LawContent about Primacy Of European Law from the publication The ABC of European Union law (2010, European Union) by Klaus-Dieter Borchardt. The direct applicability of a provision of Union law leads to a second, equally fundamental question: what happens if […]

  • Lawi

    Profile Lawi, the Encyclopedia of Law organisation, has set out to bring the legal resources to legal practitioners across Europe and beyond. As a dynamic, small and flexible organisation, it focuses on dialogue with the users of the service, and responds to its best ability to their needs and wishes. EU Case Law Lawi Europe…

  • Law A-Z

    Law A-Z: All Legal Contents Main Legal Issues Constitutions Courts Case Law Legislation Codes Lawyers Legal Education Law Journals Law Libraries Law Reform Index of Common Topics Adoption ADR Banking Bankruptcy Business Law Car Accidents Consumer Criminal Divorce DUI/DWI Employment Estate Planning Family Immigration International Intellectual Property Litigation Maritime Personal Injury Tax Law Law A-Z…

  • Concise Law Dictionary

    Osborn´s Concise Law Dictionary in Europe Introduction Since 1927, the easy to read and popular Osborn´s Concise Law Dictionary (1) has provided English students and practitioners a succint guide to the special language of the law, which serves as well as a source of reference. His strenght […]