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  • List of European and UK Online Journals

    List of UK and European Legal e-Journals Aberdeen Student Law Review Advising Business Anglo-American Law Review Arbitration Arbitration Law Reports and Review Archbold News Asian Journal of international Law Bell Yard: Journal of the Law Society’s School of Law […]

  • List of International Law Online Journals

    List of International Law Online Journals in Europe List of Journal Titles and their ISSN: ABILA Newsletter African journal of international and comparative law 0954-8890 African yearbook of international law 1380-7412 American Bar Association. Section of International and Comparative […]

  • List of Judicial and Constitutional System e-Journals

    List of Judicial and Constitutional System e-Journals in Europe Here are the Journal titles and ISSN: Adelphia law journal 8756-3630 Administrative law journal 0826-8754 Administrative law review 0001-8368 Albany law review 0002-4678 Alberta law review 0002-4821 Alternative law […]

  • Constitutional Text: Austria 1945, Amendments 1986,1987,1988,1990, 1992 and 1993

    Constitutional Text: Amendments of 1986,1987,1988,1990, 1992 and 1993 to the Austria Constitution of 1945 in Europe 1986 AMENDMENT TO AUSTRIA’S CONSTITUTION OF 1945 APRIL 24, 1986 212. Federal constitutional law of April 4, 1986, amending the federal constitutional law of 1929 (amendment to […]

  • History of Yugoslavia

    Introduction This is the first part of the history of Yugoslavia, which has had hugue implications in international law, specially European law. The Country Also called Jugoslavia. The official name was the “Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes” (Kraljevina Srba Hnata i Slovcnaca). […]

  • Milovanovic, Milovan

    MilovanoviĆ, Milovan G. (1863-1912), Serbian statesman and diplomatist, was born at Belgrade on March 2 1863, and was educated there and in Paris, where he was the first Serb to take his degree as Doctor of Law and was awarded a gold medal for his thesis. He had become one of Europe’s leading […]