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  • Unity Of Interest

    Definition of Unity Of Interest No one joint tenant can have a greater interest in the joint property than each of the others. See Joint Tenancy Browse You might be interested in these references tools: ResourceDescription Unity Of Interest in the Dictionaries, Unity Of Interest in our legal […]

  • Unity Of Possession (or Seisin)

    Definition of Unity Of Possession (or Seisin) (1) Is where a piece of land which is subject to an easement, profit a prendre, rent, or similar right, oomes into the possession of the person entitled to the easement or other right. (2) The possession of joint tenants. See Joint Tenancy Browse […]

  • Pacta Qua Contra Leges Constitutionesque Vel Contra Bonos Morea Fiunt, Nullam Vim Habere, Indubitati Juris Est

    Definition of Pacta Qua Contra Leges Constitutionesque Vel Contra Bonos Morea Fiunt, Nullam Vim Habere, Indubitati Juris Est It is undoubted law that agreements which are contrary to the laws and constitutions, or contrary to good morals, have no force Browse You might be interested in these […]

  • Constitution

    Definition of Constitution Formerly, a law or ordinance; now, the form in which a State is organisedA constitution may be (a) unwritten, resting mainly on custom and convention ; (b) written, drawn up in legal form ; (c) flexible, capable of being altered by ordinary legislative act ; (d) […]

  • Constitutional Law

    Definition of Constitutional Law All rules which directly or indirectly affect the distribution or exercise of the sovereign power. (Dicey.) So much of the law as relates to the designation and form of the legislature, the rights and functions of the several parts of the legislative body, the […]

  • List of European and UK Online Journals

    List of UK and European Legal e-Journals Aberdeen Student Law Review Advising Business Anglo-American Law Review Arbitration Arbitration Law Reports and Review Archbold News Asian Journal of international Law Bell Yard: Journal of the Law Society’s School of Law […]

  • Constitutional Text: Austria 1920, Admended 2004

    AUSTRIA’S CONSTITUTION OF 1920 WITH AMENDMENTS THROUGH 2004 JANUARY 1ST, 2004 Chapter I General Provisions; European Union A. General Provisions Article 1. Austria is a democratic republic. Its law emanates from the people. Article 2. 1. Austria is a federal state. 2. The Federal State […]

  • Constitutional Text: Austria 1945, Amendments 1986,1987,1988,1990, 1992 and 1993

    Constitutional Text: Amendments of 1986,1987,1988,1990, 1992 and 1993 to the Austria Constitution of 1945 in Europe 1986 AMENDMENT TO AUSTRIA’S CONSTITUTION OF 1945 APRIL 24, 1986 212. Federal constitutional law of April 4, 1986, amending the federal constitutional law of 1929 (amendment to […]

  • Constitutional Text: Argentina 1994

    CONSTITUTION OF THE ARGENTINE NATION AUGUST 22ND, 1994 We, the representatives of the people of the Argentine Nation, gathered in General Constituent Assembly by the will and election of the Provinces which compose it, in fulfillment of pre-existing pacts, in order to form a national union, […]

  • European Union Powers

    Powers of the European UnionContent about European Union Powers from the publication The ABC of European Union law (2010, European Union) by Klaus-Dieter Borchardt. The Treaties establishing the EU do not confer on the Union institutions any general power to take all measures necessary to […]