Aggravated Cases

Aggravated Cases in Europe

Aggravated Cases in Germany

Provisions relating to aggravated cases in the German Criminal Code [1]: This criminal issue is covered by Chapter Thirty, under the heading “Offences Committed in Public Office,” located in Section 335 Aggravated cases, which reads: (1) In especially serious cases of an offence under Section 332 (1) 1st sentence, also in conjunction with (3); and Section 334 (1) 1st sentence and (2), each also in conjunction with (3), the penalty shall be imprisonment from one to ten years and 1. of an offence under section 332 (2), also in conjunction with (3), the penalty shall be imprisonment of not less than two years. 2. (2) An especially serious case within the meaning of subsection (1) above typically occurs when the offence r 1. elates to a major benefit; the offender continuously accepts benefits demanded in return for the fact that he will perform an official act in the future; or 2. 3. the offender acts on a commercial basis or as a member of a gang whose purpose is the continued commission of such offences.



  1. The content of the translated German penal code in relation to aggravated cases is current as of 2010

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