Alert Mechanism

Alert Mechanism in Europe

Alert mechanism in relation to the E.U. Services Directive

The following is an examination of alert mechanism regarding the European Union Servicies Directive [1]:

Alert mechanism: Administrative Cooperation

To ensure effective supervision and, in particular, adequate protection of service recipients, it is important that Member States are quickly informed about service activities that can cause serious damages to the health or safety of persons or the environment. For this reason, Article 32 lays down a mechanism aiming to ensure that Member States inform all other Member States concerned and the Commission within the shortest possible time if they become aware of acts of a service provider or specific circumstances relating to a service activity which could cause serious damage to the health or safety of persons or to the environment. Such information will enable the competent authorities of other Member States to react quickly, to closely supervise the service provider in question and, as the case may be, to take necessary preventive action in compliance with the rules of the Services Directive, i.e. in particular Articles 16 to 18 and Articles 30 and 31.



  1. Information on alert mechanism based on the EU Services Directive Handbook, UK Government

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