Place of the Offence

Place of the Offence in Europe Place of the Offence in Germany Provisions relating to place of the offence in the German Criminal Code [1]: This criminal issue is covered by Chapter One the Criminal Lawunder the First Title, Application, Jurisdiction Ratione Loci et Temporis," located […]

Non-contractual Obligations

Non-contractual Obligations in Europe Non-contractual obligations and the European Judicial System Description of Non-contractual obligations provided by the European Union Commission: There is a non-contractual obligation where a person who is responsible for loss sustained by another person […]


Germany in Europe According to the work "Guide to Foreign and International Citations", by the Journal of International Law and Politics (New York University School of Law): In Germany‚Äôs federal structure, most of the legislative power is concentrated at the national level, while […]

High Authority

High Authority in Europe Description of High Authority The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes high authority in the following terms: [1] Under the Treaty of Paris, the High Authority of the ECSC was responsible for creating and supervising the European common market in […]

Francovich Ruling

Francovich Ruling in Europe Description of Francovich ruling The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes francovich ruling in the following terms: [1] Francovich, an employee of an insolvent Italian company, claimed that he would have received greater financial protection if […]