Bosnian Disappearance Cases

Bosnian Enforced Disappearance Cases The European Court of Human Rights and the Human Rights Committee’s approaches to Bosnian Enforced Disappearance Cases Following its independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in March 1992, Bosnia and Herzegovina went through three and a half years of armed conflict, which ended with the signing of the General … Read more

Medieval Law

Medieval Legal History This text is about the history of the Medieval Law. Canon Law This includes: General Ecumenical and General Church Councils Other Canon Law Texts: Specific Canons and Papal Decrees The Rebirth of Canon Law Studies: 11th Century On Later Medieval Canon Law Inquisitorial Methods Monastic Rules Theory of Law Germanic Law This … Read more

Tissue and Cells Directives

The European Union Tissue and Cells Directives (EUTCD) From 7 April 2006, the European Commission required that Members States bring into force the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with the Parent Directive (Directive 2004/23/EC). Alongside the commencement of licensing the European Union members, summarising the requirements of the Parent Directive and the … Read more

Nordic Mediation

Mediation in the Nordic Countries of Europe Background and History of Mediation in the Nordic Countries The Nordic—or Scandinavian countries1—Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden have close geographic, historical, social, economic, cultural, linguistic and legal ties. The economies are organised in a similar manner in what is sometimes called the ‘Nordic model’. In this model, … Read more

EFTA Court

EFTA Court, European Free Trade Agreement Court or Court Of Justice of the European Free Trade Agreement The EFTA Court has jurisdiction with regard to EFTA States which are parties to the EEA Agreement (at present Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). The Court is mainly competent to deal with infringement actions brought by the EFTA Surveillance … Read more

Spanish Legal History

Spanish Legal History Short Legal History of Spain Spanish law has an ancient national tradition and presents a most complex amalgamation of customary, Roman, local and modern codified law, combined with many unassimilated and distinct vestiges of the laws of historically independent Spanish regions. Spanish legal history is variously divided into from six to nine … Read more

Genocide in Germany

Genocide in Germany Genocide in Germany Resources See Also Anti-Semitism Auschwitz Babi Yar Concentration Camps Einsatzgruppen Extermination Centers Gestapo Ghetto Goebbels, Joseph Göring, Hermann Heydrich, Reinhard Himmler, Heinrich Hitler, Adolf Holocaust Intent Kristallnacht Labor Camps, Nazi Namibia (German South West Africa and South West Africa) Nuremberg Laws Nuremberg Trials SS Streicher, Julius Wannsee Conference Genocide … Read more