TACIS in Europe Description of TACIS The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes tacis in the following terms: [1] A programme of aid for Russia, the former republics of the USSR and Mongolia, TACIS absorbs over $500 million a year in EU hand-outs and has become a byword for […]

Damages in Equity

Damages in Equity in Europe Most Popular Entries related to Damages in Equity Remedies for Breach of Contract (in Europe) Remedies in Tort (in Europe) Remedies in Equity (in Europe) Remedies in Contracts (in Europe) Remedies in Administrative Law (in Europe) Damages and Remedies (in […]


Harassment in Europe Harassment (in European Private Law) In this context, this may be a concept of the term: "Harassment" means unwanted conduct (including conduct of a sexual nature) which violates a person's dignity, particularly when such conduct creates an intimidating, […]

Offences Related to Religion

Offences Related to Religion in Europe Offences Related to Religion and Ideology in Germany Provisions relating to offences related to religion and ideology in the German Criminal Code are located in Chapter Elevenin relation to Offences Related to Religion and Ideology

There is additional […]