Category: Labour law

  • List of Labor and Employment Law Online Journals

    List of Labor, Industrial Relations and Employment Law Online Journals in Europe List of Journal titles and their ISSN: Administrative science quarterly 0001-8392 Advances in industrial and labor relations 0742-6186 AFGE government standard   1041-5335 Alabama employment law […]

  • History of Trade Unions

    History of Trade Unions in Europe Trade Unions was defined as combinations for regulating the relations between workmen and masters, workmen and workmen, or masters and masters, or for imposing restrictive conditions on the conduct of any industry or business. Trade Unions until 1911 […]

  • International Trade Union Associations

    International Trade Union Associations in Europe International Trade Union Associations between 2011 and 2022 The chief international trade union body is the International Federation of Trade Unions, to which most of the chief national trade union bodies are affiliated. Its headquarters […]

  • Louisa Twining

    Louisa Twining in Europe Louisa Twining (1820-1912), English philanthropic worker, was born in London Nov. 16 1820. In early life she was an artist, and published Symbols and Emblems of Mediaeval Christian Art (1852) and Types and Figures of the Bible (1854). In 1853, however, she became […]

  • W. Willard Wirtz

    W. Willard Wirtz in Europe W. Willard Wirtz (March 14, 1912-April 24, 2010) graduated from Harvard Law School and is hired to teach by future Supreme Court Justice Wiley B. Rutledge. While at Northwestern University, he instructed another future Supreme Court justice: John Paul Stevens. […]

  • Arthur J. Goldberg

    Arthur J. Goldberg in Europe The son of immigrants, Arthur J. Goldberg (Aug. 8, 1908–Jan. 19, 1990) supervised an espionage group during World War II. He served as general counsel for the United Steelworkers of America and was the chief legal counsel for the AFL-CIO merger in 1955. As […]

  • Labour Department and Ministry

    Labour Department and Ministry in Europe One of the outward signs of the intensified governmental interest in labour has been the establishment in 1913 of a Department of Labor in the United States, and in 1917 of a Ministry of Labour in Great Britain. United Kingdom The demand for the […]

  • European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions

    European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (EUROFOUND) The Foundation is a European Union body set up in 1975 to contribute to the planning and establishment of better living and working conditions in Europe. It provides findings, knowledge and advice from […]