DHondt System

DHondt System in Europe Description of DHondt system The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes dhondt system in the following terms: [1] Invented by a Belgian in the 19th century, the d'Hondt formula is widely used in Europe, including by the European Parliament, to […]


Mafia in Europe If London Cries, Rome Does Not Laugh: the Inefficient Strategy to Counter Organised Crime in the uk and the Weaknesses of an Established Anti Mafia Legislation in Italy Anna Sergi, from the University of Essex, made a contribution to the 2012 Annual Conference of the European […]

Max Weber

Max Weber in Europe Literature Review on Max Weber In the Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, [1] Sean Hildebrand offers the following summary about the topic of Max Weber: Max Weber was a German sociologist who while being recognized as the "founder of […]

Multiple Orders

Multiple Orders in Europe Multiple Orders in Germany Provisions relating to multiple orders in the German Criminal Code [1]: This criminal issue is covered by Chapter Three Sanctionsunder the Sixth Title, Measures of Rehabilitation and Incapacitation," located in Section 67f Multiple […]