Jurisdiction in Europe Definition of Jurisdiction (1) The power of a Court or Judge to entertain an action, petition or other proceeding. (2) The district or limits within which the judgments or orders of a Court can be enforced or executed (territorial jurisdiction). Criminal Law […]

Norwegian Judicial System

Norwegian Judicial System 1. Administration. At the top of the judicial hierarchy is the Supreme Court (Hoyesterett), located in Oslo. Directly below the Supreme Court is the High Court (Lagmannsrett). There are 5 High Courts, each covering a separate but parallel territorial jurisdiction in Eidsivating, Agder, Gulating, Frostating and H´┐Żlogaland. Below the High Court are … Read more

Sentencing in Italy

Sentencing in Italy Note: for more related information, see the entry on the Italian Criminal Justice System. PENALTIES AND SENTENCING 1. Sentencing process. *Who determines the sentence? The judge decides the guilt and sentence in all cases. *Is there a special sentencing hearing? There is no special sentencing hearing. Passing sentence and the determination of … Read more

Norwegian Judicial Process

Norwegian Judicial Process PROSECUTORIAL AND JUDICIAL PROCESS 1. Rights of the accused. *Rights of the accused. The rights of the accused are described in the Criminal Procedures Act. The accused must be informed of the nature of the charge(s) brought against him or her upon being arrested and attending court for the first time. The … Read more

Norwegian Prison System

Norwegian Prison System 1. Description. *Number of prisons and type. On July 2, 1993, there were 48 prisons, of which 5 were central prisons (landsfengsler) and 43 were regional prisons (kretsfengsler, hjelpefengsler and arbeidskolonier). One of the central prisons (Bredtvedt) was for females only. Most other prisons contained prisoners of both sexes. Larger prisons had … Read more

Norwegian Police

Norwegian Police 1. Administration. There are 5 police regions, among which are 54 police districts. The districts are led by police commissioners (Politimestre), who have as their immediate subordinates, deputy police commissioners (Politiinspektorer), assistant commissioners (Politiadjutanter) and superintendents (Politifullmektiger). Police commissioners and deputy police commissioners are appointed by the King in Council. The other two … Read more

Court of First Instance

Court of First Instance in Europe Definition of (the European) Court of First Instance In accordance with the work A Dictionary of Law, this is a description of Court of First Instance : The first court of appeal from decisions of the European Commission. Established under powers conferred by […]