Counterfeiting Official Stamps

Counterfeiting Official Stamps in Europe

Counterfeiting Official Stamps in Germany

Provisions relating to counterfeiting official stamps in the German Criminal Code [1]: This criminal issue is covered by Chapter Eight, under the heading “Counterfeiting of Money and Official Stamps,” located in Section 148 Counterfeiting official stamps, which reads: (1) Whosoever counterfeits official stamps with the intent that they be used or brought into circulation as genuine or that such use or bringing into circulation be facilitated, or alters official stamps with such intent, so that they appear to be of a higher value; 1. procures counterfeit official 2. stamps with such intent; or 3. uses, offers for sale or brings into circulation counterfeit official stamps as genuine, shall be liable to imprisonment of not more than five years or a fine. (2) Whosoever uses or brings into circulation as valid used official stamps from which the devaluation mark has been removed, shall be liable to imprisonment of not more than one year or a fine. (3) The attempt shall be punishable.



  1. The content of the translated German penal code in relation to counterfeiting official stamps is current as of 2010

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