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Mariana Noelia Solari Merlo, from the Universidad de Cádiz, made a contribution to the 2012 Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, in the category “Crime Prevention,” under the title “Crime Prevention and Technology”. Here is the abstract: As with other aspects of society, the criminal justice system has gradually incorporated technological advances in all its phases. In regards to the crime prevention, these changes have reflected a significant advance in the results achieved. However, it should be noted that its potential harmfulness to the rights of citizens is also exponentially greater. The combination of multiple techniques such as surveillance, mapping, processing data software or pre crime techniques has facilitated the work of police forces due to the optimization of resources and improvement of results obtained but in no way it can be understood achieved an aim of crime prevention except in very relative terms and closest to the displacement than the eradication of the root causes. Whereas also the interference in citizens' privacy that surveillance and data storage involves as well as the labeling that pre crime developments can imply in a particular area, it should reflect on the use of these new techniques, not in the sense of regress to precarious stadiums but in terms of associating them a real goal of crime prevention.


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