Destruction in Europe

Destruction of Important Means of Production Etc in Germany

Provisions relating to destruction of important means of production etc in the German Criminal Code [1]: This criminal issue is covered by Chapter Twenty-seven, under the heading “Criminal Damage,” located in Section 305a Destruction of important means of production etc, which reads: (1) Whosoever unlawfully destroys, in whole or in part: 1. technical means of production belonging to another and of significant value, which is of substantial importance for the construction of a facility or an enterprise within the meaning of section 316b (1) Nos 1 or 2 or which serves the operation or the waste disposal of such facility or enterprise; or a motor-vehicle of 2. the police or the Armed Forces, shall be liable to imprisonment not exceeding five years or a fine. (2) The attempt shall be punishable.



  1. The content of the translated German penal code in relation to destruction of important means of production etc is current as of 2010

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