Dissemination of Depictions of Violence

Dissemination of Depictions of Violence in Europe

Dissemination of Depictions of Violence in Germany

Provisions relating to dissemination of depictions of violence in the German Criminal Code [1]: This criminal issue is covered by Chapter Seven, under the heading “Offences Against Public Order,” located in Section 131 Dissemination of depictions of violence, which reads: (1) Whosoever disseminates written materials (section 11 (3)), which describe cruel or otherwise inhuman acts of violence against humans or humanoid beings in a manner expressing glorification or which downplays such acts of violence or which represents the cruel or inhuman aspects of the event in a manner which violates human dignity; 1. 2. publicly displays, posts, presents, or otherwise makes them accessible; 3. offers, supplies or makes them accessible to a person under eighteen years; or produces, obtains, supplies, stocks, offers, announces, commends, undertakes to import or export them, in order to use them or copies obtained from them within the meaning of numbers 1 to 3 above or facilitate such use by another, 4. shall be liable to imprisonment of not more than one year or a fine. (2) Whosoever disseminates a presentation with a content indicated in subsection (1) above by radio, media services, or telecommunication services shall incur the same penalty. (3) Subsections (1) and (2) above shall not apply in cases of reporting about current or historical events. (4) Subsection (1) No 3 above shall not apply if the person authorised to care for another person acts; this shall not apply if that person grossly neglects his duty of education by offering, giving, or making them accessible.



  1. The content of the translated German penal code in relation to dissemination of depictions of violence is current as of 2010

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