Euro-X in Europe

Description of Euro-X

The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes euro-x in the following terms: [1] The committee of finance ministers of countries adopting the single currency (X stands for the number of participants – eleven in 2000). In 1998 Euro-X fell into controversy before it came into being. France wanted it to act as a counterweight to the European Central Bank, a concept opposed by Germany, and the UK unsuccessfully demanded a seat on it, fearing that it might usurp the role of Ecofin. By 2000 the French view was prevailing and the committee was being promoted as ‘the economic government of Europe’.


Notas y References

  1. Based on the book “A Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union from Aachen to Zollverein”, by Rodney Leach (Profile Books; London)

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