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Expansion of the EC in Europe

History of the European Union: Expansion of the EC

Introduction to Expansion of the EC

In 1972, after nearly two years of negotiations, it was agreed that the four applicant countries would be admitted on January 1, 1973. The United Kingdom, Ireland, and Denmark joined as scheduled; however, in a national referendum, the people of Norway voted against membership.

In the United Kingdom, however, popular opposition to EC membership remained. Many Britons felt British contributions to the EC budget were too high. After the Labour Party regained power in the United Kingdom in 1974, it carried out its election promise to renegotiate British membership conditions in the EC, particularly the financial ones. The renegotiation resulted in only marginal changes. However, questions about the United Kingdom’s commitment to the EC added to existing uncertainties within the community caused by the economic problems of the 1970s. The Labour government endorsed continued EC membership and called a national referendum on the issue for June 1975. Despite strong opposition from some groups, the British people voted for continued membership.” (1)


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