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Life and Work of Felipe González (1942-)

The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes felipe gonzález (1942-) in the following terms: [1] As Spain’s socialist prime minister for nearly 14 years until his defeat in the 1996 general election, Felipe González steered his country into the European Community in 1986 and presided over its emergence from the aftermath of dictatorship into modernisation and democracy. A strong and popular character, González was an enthusiast for all forms of European integration. He authored the concept of the ‘cohesion fund’, introduced by the Maastricht Treaty to assist poorer countries, including Spain, and it was his painful austerity programme that paved the way for Spain’s admission to the single currency. The close of his political career was hastened and disfigured by corruption charges and the revelation that his government had waged a secret ‘dirty war’ against the Basque separatist guerrillas.


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