French Legal System

French Legal System. An Overview in Europe

According to “Principles of French Law” (see below), in France “the approach to case law and doctrinal legal writing is different in administrative and constitutional law to that in civil and criminal law.”

French Legal Research

Unlike England and other common law jurisdictions, France derives its legal system from the civil law tradition. For more information about legal research in France, see here.

French Court System

For information about the French Court System, click here.

The French Legal System

  • French Sources of Law
  • French Court Institutions
  • French Judicial Personnel

The law making process

  • French Legislation
  • French Codification
  • French  Statutory interpretations
  • French Case law

The Legal Procedure

  • Civil procedure
  • Criminal procedure

Public Law:

  • French Constitutional Law,
  • French Administrative Law, and
  • French Criminal Law

Private Law:

  • French Family Law,
  • French Property Law,
  • The Law of Obligations in France, and
  • French Commercial Law

Hibrid Law

: Employment Law


See Also

  • French Legal Abbreviations
  • French Law Court Reports
  • List of French Reports

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