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Life and Work of Giulio Andreotti (1919-)

The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes giulio andreotti (1919-) in the following terms: [1] Three times prime minister of Italy, Andreotti played a conspiratorial role in 1985 to procure the advancement of the single market – a Margaret Thatcherinitiative – by a new federalising treaty (the Single European Act) rather than by her preferred method, which was merely to amend the Treaty of Rome. Andreotti was prominent in the Italian Christian Democratic party for four decades, at the end of which time public disenchantment with corruption in high places had grown to such a point that the old political establishment was destroyed and many politicians were indicted. In 1999, in a remarkable backlash against the perceived shortcomings of the judicial system, Andreottiwas given a hero’s welcome when he was acquitted of involvement in Mafia activities and complicity in a murder.


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