Intelligent Energy Executive Agency

Intelligent Energy Executive Agency (IEEA) in Europe

The Intelligent Energy Executive Agency (IEEA) was created by the European Commission to implement the Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme. The remit of the IEEA is to

  • manage the projects and events organised under the IEE Programme;
  • disseminate the know-how and best practices which result;
  • foster exchange and co-ordination between all players involved, and with other Community and national activities;
  • feed back to DG TREN and help it to improve the programme;

The decision to create the IEEA was taken at the end of 2003 (Commission Decision 20/2004). Since 2006 it is fully responsible for the operation of the IEE programme and for managing its own budget.

The IEEA reports to its parent Directorate General, DG TREN, on a regular basis and TREN remains responsible for programming and evaluation of the IEE programme.

The IEEA, which has its own legal identity, is managed by a Steering Committee (supervisory board) and a Director appointed by the Commission. 2 of the 5 members of the Steering Committee are from DG TREN. The IEEA finances its operations from funds allocated to the IEE Programme.

To date, the IEEA has 40 staff from 16 EU countries, including 5 of the new Member States. They have been recruited not only for their specialist knowledge and skills but also for their motivation and commitment to the new Agency and to the cause of sustainable energy. Positions of responsibility in the IEEA are held by Commission officials, who have been seconded by DG TREN.

The Agency’s official lifetime is until the end of 2008. However, it could be expected to take charge of the planned second ‘Intelligent Energy – Europe’ programme, which would form part of the new Competitiveness and Innovation programme for the period 2007-2013.

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