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Intimate Violence in Europe

Intimate Violence as a Challenge for Empirical Studies

Jiri Burianek, from the Charles University in Prague, made a contribution to the 2012 Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, in the category “Victims and Victimization,” under the title “Intimate Violence as a Challenge for Empirical Studies”. Here is the abstract: The paper focuses on intimate violence issues as investigated in sociological surveys. There are some possibilities how to indicate the prevalence in regular fear of crime surveys using some indirect measures. The paper examines their correspondence with special victimological studies, e.g. International Violence Against Women Survey in 2003. This experience seems to be promising. Moreover, the allocation of some simple extensive measures into regular surveys opens the space for an exploratory study of a broader scope of possible associations. Some findings will be demonstrated here. We can examine the correlations with fear of crime, moral attitudes, trust, self-control and social capital. Even value orientations of victims and their personality traits could be at work here. This exploratory analysis supports the streaming of our current project addressing the intimate violence by comparing women and men.


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  • “Intimate Violence as a Challenge for Empirical Studies”, by Jiri Burianek (Proceedings)

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