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Online Guides to Irish Legal Research

  1. Ireland at Washlaw ( This site provides Internet links to all official Irish government sites, law schools, and study abroad programs.
  2. Guide to Irish Law at Globalex ( Published in June 2005, this site is more comprehensive for researching the laws of Ireland online. All governmental sites are featured as well as general inks to Irish law schools, electronic newsletters, books, and journals.
  3. Irish Law Site by the University College of Cork ( Also a comprehensive site, this one hosted by an Irish university.
  4. BAILII (British and Irish Legal Information Institute) ( offers a comprehensive website for Irish and British legal materials.
  5. Irish Legal History: An Overview and Guide to the Sources by Janet Sinder (2001) ( ). This 30-page pdf document covers sources for researching Irish legal history from the earliest days to the present.

Irish Materials on Lexis and Westlaw

  1. Material on these two major database providers is lean. Internet and print sources should be used to supplement the sources on these two databases. Westlaw does provide a specific Irish version at, however HLS does not subscribe to this service.
  2. LexisNexis:
    • Cases: Irish Reported and Unreported Cases. Includes the Irish Reports from 1950 to the present; Judgments of the Court of Criminal Appeal (Frewen) from 1950-83; Unreported cases from July 1985 to the present; Supreme Court Digests from 2004 to the present; and Selected High Court Digests from 2005 to the present.
    • Treatise: Doing Business in Ireland
    • International Arbitration: Mealey’s Litigation Report from 1/93 to the present.
  3. Westlaw:
    • News sources including the Irish Times from 1/96 to the present.
    • TrademarkScan for Ireland.
  4. Other Subscription Databases. HLS does not subscribe to any of these paid databases.
    • includes Irish Digests from 1919 to 1999
    • provides the full test of all cases from the Superior Courts from 1999 to the present.
    • contains case digests from 1995 to the present and all cases from the Superior Courts from 1976 to the present. It also includes reported and unreported cases from the Irish Law Times Digests from 1983 to the present

Print Resources on Irish Law

Library of Congress call numbers for Irish Law begin with KDK. A listing of some key resources follows.

Law by Practice Area.

For Internet sites see the Irish Law Site’s listing of law by topic area.
General Legal Research
For Web Resources,  see above. For Print Resources, see below:

  • Brian Doolan, Principles of Irish Law, 6 th ed. (Gill & Macmillan, 2003)
  • Raymond Byrne and J. Paul McCutcheon, The Irish Legal System, 5th ed. (Butterworths, 2003),

Administrative Law
David Gwynn Morgan and Gerard Hogan, Administrative Law in Ireland, 3 rd ed. (Round Hall Sweet & Maxwell, 1998)

Banking Law
John Breslin, Banking Law in the Republic of Ireland, 2 nd ed. (Round Hall, 2004)

Bankruptcy Law
Anne-Marie Mooney, editor, Insolvency Law (Cavendish, 2003)

Conflict of Laws
William Binchy, Irish Conflict of Law (Butterworths, 1988)

Constitutional Law

  • Michael Forde, Constitutional Law, 2 nd ed. (First Law, 2004)
  • J.M. Kelly, The Irish Constitution, 4 th ed. (Butterworths, 2003)
  • Fergus Ryan, Constitutional Law (Round Hall, 2002)
  • J.P. Casey, Constitutional Law in Ireland, 3 rd ed. (Round Hall, 2000)
  • Dermot Keogh, The Making of the Irish Constitution 1937 (Mercier Press, 2007)

Contract Law

  • Simon P. Haigh, Contract Law in an E-Commerce Age (Round Hall, 2001)
  • Paul McDermott, Contract Law (Butterworths, 2001)
  • Raymond Friel, The Law of Contract, 2 nd ed. (Round Hall, 2000)
  • Robert Clark, Contract Law in Ireland, 4 th ed. (Round Hall, 1998)

Corporate Law

  • Dermot Cahill, Corporate Finance Law (Round Hall, 2000)
  • T.H. Ellis, Modern Irish Company Law ( Jordans, 2001)
  • Catherine McConville, Company Law (Round Hall, 2001)

Criminal Law

  • Conor Hanly, An Introduction to Irish Criminal Law 2nd. ed. (Gill & Macmillan, 2006)
  • Sean E. Quinn, Criminal Law in Ireland, 3 rd. (Irish Law Pub., 1998)
  • Maura Butler, Criminal Litigation (Oxford University Press, 2007).

Evidence Law

  • Caroline Fennell, The Law of Evidence in Ireland, 2 nd ed. (Butterworths, 2003)
  • Ruth Cannon and Niall Neligan, Evidence (Thomson, Round Hall, 2002)

Environmental Law

  • Henry Comerford and Aengus R.M. Fogarty, Environmental Law: A Glossary and Handbook (Round Hall, 2000)
  • Barbara Maguire, Michael F. O’Reilly and Michael S. Roche, Irish Environmental Legislation (Round Hall, 1999)

Equity Law
Hilary Delany, Equity and the Law of Trusts in Ireland, 3 rd ed. (Thomson/Round Hall, 2003)

Family Law

  • Muriel Walls and David Bergin, eds., Irish Family Legislation Handbook (Family Law, 1999)
  • Alan Joseph Shatter, Family Law, 4 th ed. (Butterworths, 1997)

Inheritance Law

  • Albert Keating, Equitable Succession Rights (Thomson Round Hall, 2005)
  • James C. Brady, Succession Law in Ireland, 2 nd ed. (Butterworths, 1995)

Intellectual Property
Robert Clark and Shane Smyth, Intellectual Property Law in Ireland, 2 nd ed. (Tottel Pub., 2005)

International Law
Gernot Biehler, International Law in Practice: An Irish Perspective (Thomson Round Hall, 2005)

Landlord Tenant Law
Gabriel Brennan, Landlord and Tenant Law (Oxford U. Press, 2007)

Mental Health Law
Anne-Marie O’Neill, Irish Mental Health Law (First Law, 2005)

Property Law

  • Andrew Lyall, Land Law in Ireland, 2 nd ed. (Round Hall, Sweet & Maxwell, 2000)
  • Robert A. Pearce and John Mee, Land Law, 2 nd ed. (Round Hall, 2000)

Tax Law

  • Kieran Corrigan, Revenue Law (Round Hall, 2000)
  • Irish Tax Treaties (Butterworths, 1998 to the present)

Tort Law

  • Bryan M.E. McMahon and William Binchy, Law of Torts, 3 rd ed. (Butterworths, 2000)
  • Eion Quill, Torts in Ireland (Gill & Macmillan, 1999)

Additional titles by subject can be found on the online LLRX Irish Guide (see above).

Journals, Articles and Indexes

    1. The Index to Legal Periodicals & Books (ILP) (HU ID and PIN required.) provides citations to articles in over 800 legal periodicals such as law reviews, bar association journals, yearbooks, institutes, and government publications from August 1981 to the present. In 1994, ILP began indexing legal books and now includes approximately 2,000 per year. The Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective (ILPR) (HU ID and PIN required.) indexes over 750 legal periodicals and covers the period 1908-1981.Geographical coverage includes the United States, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland and New Zealand. ILP is also available through LexisNexis and Westlaw (password required) and in print in the Library at REF K 33 .I54 and ILS RR K 33 .I54. Print coverage begins in 1926 and goes to 2007. See Jones & Chipman for coverage of 1786-1922 and print coverage up to 1937.
    2. LegalTrac (HU ID and PIN required) provides citations to articles in over 1,000 legal periodicals published since 1980. LegalTrac covers law reviews, bar association journals, legal newspapers, and international legal journals. It also covers law-related articles from about 1,000 additional business and general interest titles. Geographical coverage includes the U.S., Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Also available through LexisNexis and Westlaw (password required) where it is known as Legal Resource Index. Available in print in the library as the Current Law Index, REF K33.C87, covering the years 1980 to 2007.
    3. Legal Journals Index provides citations to articles in over 450 legal journals published in the United Kingdom and other European countries, including Ireland, from 1986 to the present. Covers topics pertaining to the laws of the European Union and its member states. Online access via Westlaw (password required). Citation includes an abstract and links to the full-text of the article and referenced cases when available.
    4. Paul O’Higgins, Bibliography of periodical literature relating to Irish Law, indexes articles in journals up to 1983. IRE 020 OHI (at Harvard Depository and must be ordered).
    5. is a free online database that indexes Irish periodicals from 1997 to date.
    6. The Irish Times. This paper of record for Ireland is now available online for free and searchable from 1859 to the present.

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