José Maria Aznar

José Maria Aznar in Europe

Life and Work of José Maria Aznar (1953-)

The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes josé maria aznar (1953-) in the following terms: [1] Leader of the centre right Partido Popular, José-Maria Aznar started out as a state tax inspector, rising through regional politics to succeed Felipe González as Spanish prime minister in 1996, after the Basque and Catalan nationalists had deserted the Socialist coalition government following revelations of its involvement in the ‘dirty war’ against separatist guerrillas. Although personal popularity eluded him, by 2000 Aznar was enjoying considerable prestige as a consequence of a strong economic upturn that had enabled him to bring Spaininto the first group of qualifiers for the single currency and to make inroads into the country’s sky-high unemployment. In the elections of that year, he was returned to power with an outright majority.


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  1. Based on the book “A Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union from Aachen to Zollverein”, by Rodney Leach (Profile Books; London)

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