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The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes latvia in the following terms: [1] Dominated by Russia with little interruption since 1795, Latvia was annexed by the Soviet Union in 1940 under the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, invaded by Nazi Germany in 1941, recaptured by the Soviet Union in 1944 and finally liberated in 1991, after clashes with Soviet troops. Having been forcibly integrated into the USSR’s command economy, and with a legacy of a large minority Russian population, many of them non-citizens, Latvia has found the transition to freedom difficult. Its application for membership of the EU was initially turned down by the Commission and although it is now accepted as a genuine candidate it is not expected to be admitted before 2006.


Notas y References

  1. Based on the book “A Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union from Aachen to Zollverein”, by Rodney Leach (Profile Books; London)

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