Legal Acts

Legal Acts in Europe

Effects of Legal Acts

See Case 2/74 Reyners [1974] ECR 631

(direct applicability; freedom of


Case 33/74 van Binsbergen [1974]

ECR 1299 (direct applicability; provision

of services).

Case 41/74 Van Duyn [1974] ECR 1337

(direct applicability; freedom of


Case 11/77 Patrick [1977]

ECR 1199 (direct applicability; right of


Case 70/83 Kloppenburg [1984]

ECR 1075 (directives; direct


Case 152/84 Marshall [1986] ECR 723

(directives; direct applicability).

Case 103/88 Costanzo [1989] ECR

1861 (directives; direct applicability;

conditions; consequences).

Case 322/88 Grimaldi [1989] ECR 4407

(recommendations; direct applicability

or its absence; observance by national


Case C-188/89 Forster [1990] ECR I-3343

(directives; horizontal direct effect).

Case C-292/89 Antonissen [1991]

ECR I-773 (statements in Council

minutes; status for interpretation


Case C-91/92 Faccini Dori [1994]

ECR I-3325 (directives; horizontal direct


Case C-431/92 Commission v Germany

(Grosskotzenburg) [1995] ECR I-2189

(directive; effect of objective law).

Case C-465/93 Atlanta

Fruchthandelsgesellschaft [1995]

ECR I-3761 (examination of validity of a

regulation; preliminary ruling; ordering

of interim measures; conditions).

Case C-469/93 Chiquita Italia [1995]

ECR I-4533 (direct effect of provisions

of the GATT and the Lomé


Case C-368/96 Generics [1998]

ECR I-7967 (statements in minutes;

status for interpretation purposes).

Case C-144/01 Mangold [2005]

ECR I-9981 (directive; horizontal direct


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