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Life and Work of Sir Leon Brittan (1939-)

The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes sir leon brittan (1939-) in the following terms: [1] In 1986 Leon Brittan resigned from Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet when a row about the rescue of the helicopter manufacturer Westland blew up into a political storm of which he became the victim. Appointed subsequently by Thatcher to the Commission in Brussels, he developed a growing hostility to her Euroscepticism. From 1989 to 1992 he was responsible for the Community’s competition policy; he later took on external economic policy and played a key role in the successful conclusion of the difficult Uruguay Round of the GATT negotiations. His zealous free-trading ideology and overbearing manner sometimes riled his colleagues and national governments (especially the French) and he had an uneasy relationship with Jacques Delors, whom he had the stature, but not the support, to succeed as President. Hypersensitive to any British criticism of the EU, he suffered an ironic fate in 1999 when the entire Commission was forced to resign for maladministration – a charge of which Brittan himself was conspicuously innocent.


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