List of Environmental Law e-Journals

List of Environmental Law e-Journals in Europe

List of the Journals and their ISSN:

Accident analysis and prevention 0001-4575
Advances in Economic Analysis & Policy   1538-0637
Aftermarket business   0892-1121
Agriculture decisions 0002-1741
The Air pollution consultant 1058-6628
Alaska law review   0883-0568
Albany Law environmental outlook   1085-3634
Animal law 1088-8802
Annual report / British Columbia   1195-4825
The Australasian journal of natural resources law and policy 1320-5323
Australian resources and energy law journal   1447-9710
Bird conservation international 0959-2709
Boston College environmental affairs law review   0190-7034
Buffalo environmental law journal 1066-8837
Climate policy 1469-3062
Colorado journal of international environmental law and policy 1050-0391
Columbia journal of environmental law 0098-4582
Contemporary justice review 1028-2580
Country report. Germany   0965-1365
Dickinson journal of environmental law & policy   1063-7419
Do or die 1462-5989
Drake journal of agricultural law 1086-3869
Duke environmental law & policy forum 1064-3958
Eco-management and auditing   0968-9427
Ecodecision   1208-6606
Ecological economics 0921-8009
Ecology law quarterly 0046-1121
EDF letter 0163-2566
EEA annual report 1561-2120
Electronic green journal   1076-7975
Endangered species update 1081-3705
Energy law journal 0270-9163
Enviromation   1201-3315
Environment business news briefing 1464-7761
Environmental Action 0013-922X
Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 1432-847X
Environmental engineering and policy   1433-6618
Environmental impact assessment review 0195-9255
Environmental law 0046-2276
Environmental law and management   1067-6058
Environmental law & practice 1070-0757
Environmental law review 1461-4529
The environmental lawyer 1079-0020
Environmental modeling & assessment 1420-2026
Environmental policy and law 0378-777X
Environmental politics 0964-4016
Environmental technology   0959-3330
EPA Journal 0145-1189
European environment   0961-0405
European policy analyst   1364-2758
Federal facilities environmental journal 1048-4078
Florida environmental compliance update   1064-1874
Fordham environmental law report   1062-1733
Fordham environmental law review   1079-6657
Genetics & Environmental Law Weekly 1551-5095
Georgetown International Environmental Law Review 1042-1858
Georgia environmental law letter 1044-2324
Global environment outlook 1366-8080
Global environmental politics 1526-3800
Greener management international 0966-9671
Hazardous Waste Consultant 0738-0232
HELR. The Harvard environmental law review 0147-8257
Human ecology forum   0018-7178
Hydrogeology journal   1431-2174
In these times 0160-5992
Industrial maintenance & plant operation   1099-4785
International environmental agreement: politics, law and economics 1567-9764
International Journal of Environment and Pollution 0957-4352
International Journal of Maritime Economics   1388-1973
International journal of sustainability in higher education 1467-6370
International journal of wildland fire 1049-8001
International research in geographical and environmental education 1038-2046
International review for environmental strategies 1345-7594
Journal for nature conservation   1617-1381
The Journal of contemporary health law and policy 0882-1046
Journal of environmental assessment policy and management 1464-3332
Journal of environmental engineering   0733-9372
Journal of environmental engineering and science   1496-2551
Journal of environmental law and litigation 1049-0280
Journal of environmental law and practice 1181-7534
Journal of environmental monitoring 1464-0325
Journal of Environmental Planning and Management   0964-0568
Journal of Environmental Studies and Policy 0972-0804
Journal of hazardous materials 0304-3894
Journal of industrial ecology 1088-1980
Journal of international wildlife law & policy 1388-0292
Journal of land use & environmental law 0892-4880
Journal of material cycles and waste management 1438-4957
Journal of natural resources & environmental law   1070-4833
Journal of operations management 0272-6963
Journal of planning and environment law   0307-4870
Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association   1047-3289
The Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 annual report   0196-4690
Maritime policy and management   0308-8839
Michigan environmental compliance update   1073-9459
Modern bulk transporter   0031-6431
Natural resources lawyer   0028-0747
New York real estate law reporter 0894-4903
New York University environmental law journal 1061-8651
New Zealand journal of environmental law 1174-1538

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