Medieval Law

Medieval Legal History

This text is about the history of the Medieval Law.

Canon Law

This includes:
Ecumenical and General Church Councils
Other Canon Law Texts: Specific Canons and Papal Decrees
The Rebirth of Canon Law Studies: 11th Century On
Later Medieval Canon Law
Inquisitorial Methods
Monastic Rules
Theory of Law

Germanic Law

This includes:
Early Law Codes
Carolingian Law
“Feudal” Law

European Laws and Law Codes: Post 950

This includes:
Laws of Western “Holy Roman” Emperors
Laws of Italian States
Laws of Iberian States
Laws of France

Engish Law

This includes:
Anglo-Saxon Law
Early Norman Law
Origins of Common Law: 12th Century
Common Law: 13th Century
English Law: After Edward I
Various Select Pleas
Various Cases


This includes:
Jewish Law
Islamic Law
Law Codes
Marriage Law
Legal Commentators
Byzantine Law
Slavic Law

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