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Parole Supervision and Its Effectiveness to Prisoners' Reintegration

Mia Kilpeläinen, from the University of Eastern Finland, made a contribution to the 2012 Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, in the category “Punishment and its alternatives,” under the title “Parole Supervision and Its Effectiveness to Prisoners' Reintegration”. Here is the abstract: According to Finnish penal system releasing prisoner must be imposed under supervision during parole if length of the parole is longer than 1 year, crime is committed while offender is under 21 years old or prisoner wants supervision during time of parole. Supervision in one of the interventions which objective is that prisoner does not commit further crimes in the future. The aim of the ongoing study is to explain effectiveness of supervision and its necessity in prisoners' integration process. Study includes results from statistical analysis and 10 interviews of supervisors. Statistical analysis is based on information gathered from central data system which includes extensive information of every prisoner. Data system also includes information of all supervised parole sentences during years 2007-2009, that is approximately 2 900 prisoners. Reintegration will be analyzed only recidivism point of view. Further preliminary results of the study will be presented in the session.


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  • “Parole Supervision and Its Effectiveness to Prisoners' Reintegration”, by Mia Kilpeläinen (Proceedings)

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