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Particular Cases in Europe

Particular Cases in Sweden

Under Chapter 2, with the heading “Fundamental rights and freedoms,” of the Instrument of Government (part of the Swedish Constitution), Article 11 provides the following: No court of law shall be established on account of an act already committed, or for a particular dispute or otherwise for a particular case. Proceedings in courts of law shall be open to the public (see more about the Constitution of Sweden here). The Instrument of Government (SFS nr: 1974:152) contains the basic principles of Swedens form of government: how the Government in Sweden has to work, the fundamental freedoms and rights of the Swedish people and how elections to the Riksdag (Swedish parliament) are to be implemented. The adoption in 1974 of the Instrument of Government currently in force, including the provisions related to particular cases, meant a considerable reduction in the powers of the monarchy.

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