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Comparison Between Citizens and Police Officers Perceptions of Corruption

Arne Dormaels, from the University College Ghent, Ghent, Belgium, made a contribution to the 2012 Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, in the category “Traditional and New Forms of Crime and Deviance,” under the title “Comparison Between Citizens and Police Officers Perceptions of Corruption”. Here is the abstract: Perceptions of corruption, citizens, police officers During an in-depth search for news reports on corruption we observed that various situations are judged corrupt. Based on a query with search terms like corruption, bribery, fiddling within the Flemish Digital Press Database 'Mediargus' (period 1995 – 2009) we received over 15.000 articles reporting on corruption in the broadest sense. Out of these we selected a set of meaningful situations and constructed a scenario based questionnaire to be scored on a scale ranging from 'totally corrupt' to 'totally not corrupt'. This questionnaire was distributed to a random sample of 2.256 Flemish citizens and to officers working at the Belgian Polices' Central Office for the Repression of Corruption. Findings on the comparison between citizens and police officers perceptions of corruption are presented here.


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  • “Comparison Between Citizens and Police Officers Perceptions of Corruption”, by Arne Dormaels (Proceedings)

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