Prescription Charges in Luxembourg

Prescription Charges in Luxembourg


Luxembourg operates its health care through a Union of Sickness Funds. As part of this system a comprehensive list of approved drugs is kept. This makes up Luxembourg’s national formulary and forms the basis of its reimbursement system [1].

Patient co-payments

In Luxembourg patients pay a percentage of the cost of their medication; in general this is a 20% contribution.

Luxembourg co-payments 1999 [2] (Contributions):

  • Preferential rate: drugs which have a precise therapeutic purpose e.g. long-term or particularly serious illnesses (cancer, severe hypertension, etc.): 0%
  • Normal rate (most drugs): 20%
  • Reduced rate: drugs classed as for “comfort” purposes, e.g. minor painkillers, anti-flu drugs, energizers: 60%
  • Non-reimbursed items (vitamin supplements, tonics and several products officially approved for use in Luxembourg: 100%

Reduced Co-Payments

Rather than a reduced co-payment rate, some prescription medications, such as minor painkillers and flu relief, incur a higher co-payment (60%), while most drugs incur a 20% charge (see above).

Co-Payment Exemptions

Prescription medications for long term conditions or serious illness, such as cancer or hypertension, are free in Luxembourg (see above).

Cap on Co-Payment

There does not appear to be a prescription co-payment cap within the Luxembourg health care system.



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