Prescription Charges in Sweden

Prescription Charges in Sweden


Health care in Sweden is universal and is provided by Sweden’s 20 county councils and one local authority. It is primarily financed through local taxation (80%), as well as grants and payments for certain services from central government (19%). Patient fees amount to 4% of county council revenue [2]. There is no private health insurance provision in Sweden [1].

As part of the health care system there are 6,000 registered pharmaceutical medicines [3].

Patient co-payments

Patients in Sweden pay the entire cost of their prescription medications up to SEK900. In addition there is a fee for consulting a doctor in Sweden which ranges from SEK100-SEK150 [3].

Reduced Co-Payments

Reduced co-payments are available in the Swedish health care system for high users (this means above a ceiling of SEK900 they pay between 10-50% 1 of the cost of their medication up to a limit of SEK1,800 [3].

Co-Payment Exemptions

All medical treatment for children and young people under the age of 20 is free. Patients also receive insulin free [3].

Cap on Co-Payment

In Sweden there is a ‘high cost ceiling’ on prescription costs, where patients who have paid a total of SEK900 receive free medical care and subsidised prescription medication for the rest of the 12 month period. For prescription medication this means that patients in Sweden never pay more than SEK1,800 in any 12 month period [3].



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