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Probation Staff Skills and Characteristics. What is New?

Ioan Durnescu, from the University of Bucharest, made a contribution to the 2012 Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, in the category “Punishment and its alternatives,” under the title “Probation Staff Skills and Characteristics. What is New?”. Here is the abstract: This presentation will introduce preliminary findings of the research run in Romania on staff skills and characteristics. In the first part, the paper will describe the main staff skills and characteristics used by probation counselors in the evaluation stage of supervision. The second part of the paper will focus on a more analytic analysis highlighting the associations between different staff variables (ex. age, experience in the service, educational background, motivation and satisfaction and so on) and different staff skills and characteristics. The conclusions are based on 40 video recorded sessions coming from 20 probation officers and 20 interviews with probation staff.


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