Review in Europe

Review in Germany

Provisions relating to review in the German Criminal Code [1]: This criminal issue is covered by Chapter Three Sanctionsunder the Sixth Title, Measures of Rehabilitation and Incapacitation,” located in Section 67e Review, which reads: (1) The court may review at any time whether the further enforcement of the custodial measure should be suspended or the measure be declared terminated. It must perform the review within specified periods. (2) The specified periods shall be six months for a custodial addiction treatment order; one year for a mental hospital order; two years for incapacitation orders. (3) The court may reduce the period. It may also set dates within the statutory limits for review before the expiration of which an application for review shall be inadmissible. (4) The period shall run from the commencement of the detention. If the court denies suspension or termination the period shall commence anew with that decision.



  1. The content of the translated German penal code in relation to review is current as of 2010

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