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Definition of Service

(1) The duty due from a tenant to his lord. Services were (i) spiritual, e.g., as in tenure by frankalmoign ; (ii) temporal, (a) free, (6) base or villein. (2) In the law of contract, service is the relation between master and servant. (3) In procedure, service is the operation of bringing the contents or effect of a document to the knowledge of the persons concerned. It is either direct or substituted service. Direct service is effected by actually bringing the document to the person or thing to be served. Substituted service is effected by serving the document on some person likely to bring it to the knowledge of the party, or by advertising it or by sending a copy by post. See Order X. [1] See also the legal definition of Service in the Dictionaries.

European Provision of Services Directive

One of the main intentions of the Directive is to make trading and seeking business across the European Union easier. It tells businesses what their obligations are with regard to providing information to the users of services; about the opportunity to apply online for authorisation and licences; and what to expect from the authorities that provide those licences.

The aim of these requirements is to ensure that potential customers have access to a minimum amount of information and to a complaints procedure if they are unhappy with a service provider. This includes the need to provide, on websites, a geographic address, the true name and legal status of the business, details of any trade association membership with registration number, VAT number, the price of the service, terms & conditions together with information on other activities the business carries out.

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1. Definition of Service is, temporally, from A Concise Law Dictionary (1927).

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