Specialised Courts

Specialised Courts in Europe

Content about Specialised Courts from the publication “The ABC of European Union law” (2010, European Union) by Klaus-Dieter Borchardt.

In 2004, to relieve the burden on the Court of Justice and improve legal protection in the EU, the Council of the EU attached a specialised court for civil service cases to the General Court.

Context of Specialised Courts in the European Union

This specialised court has taken over jurisdiction from the General Court for ruling at first instance in European civil service disputes.

More about Specialised Courts in the European Union

It consists of seven judges, who enjoy a similar status to members of the General Court and are appointed for a term of six years. They must have the ability required for appointment to judicial office. The specialised court usually sits as a panel of three judges, but can give a decision as a full panel or a panel of five judges, or as a single judge. Decisions of the specialised court are subject to a right of appeal to the General Court on points of law only. In turn, the First Advocate General (not the parties involved!) can propose a review of the decision of the General Court if the legal entity or the uniformity of jurisprudence are jeopardised.






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