Lawyers in Sweden

Lawyers in Sweden Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer There is only one type of “official” lawyer in Sweden, the Advokat. Advokater have no solid monopoly, except for their title. They can be appointed as public defenders, but there are some exceptions allowing others this right too. There are approximately 2,850 Advokater, roughly one thousand of … Read more

Lawyers in Luxembourg

Lawyers in Luxembourg Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer Avocat (advocate) The full title of an avocat used to be more correctly called an AVOCAT-AVOUE. A further distinction is made between the fully qualified AVOCAT, who is styled AVOCAT INSCRIT (on List I) as compared with the trainee lawyer (AVOCAT-STAGIAIRE ) (found on List II). This … Read more

Lawyers in Belgium

Lawyers in Belgium Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer They are: Avocat (advocate/lawyer): The avocat practices in all areas of legal work. Only avocats have the right to plead in court, with a small number of statutory exceptions. They give legal advice and represent clients before tribunals. A defendant may represent himself, or with the permission … Read more

Lawyers in Germany

Lawyers in Germany Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer: RECHTSANWÄLTE An independant agent and consultant on all legal matters who may be approached directly by members of the public. Rechtsanwälte often work in the smaller cities, and are not concentrated exclusively in a few large areas, as is the case with the English Bar. Although a … Read more

Lawyers in Spain

Lawyers in Spain Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer There are one or two general features about the Spanish legal training and provision of legal services that need pointing out. Firstly there are more that the usual one or two different types of professional providing legal services: the advocate (abogado), the procurator (procurador), the notary (notariado) … Read more

Lawyers in Portugal

Lawyers in Portugal Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer The three main legal professions in Portugal comprise the following: Advogados (see below) Solicitadores (see below) Notarios (see Notaries below) Oficiais de Justiça (see bailiffs below) It is not possible to be both solicitador and advogado at the same time. Advocates (advogados) They have very wide, and … Read more

Lawyers in Netherlands

Lawyers in Netherlands Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer There are several professions involved in distributing legal services in the Netherlands. These are, to some extent, in competition with one another. Theadvocaat is the only one mentioned in the 1977 Legal Services Directive. Most advocates are also procureur, the exercise of which profession is compatible with … Read more

Lawyers in Italy

Lawyers in Italy Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer The law regulating the legal profession is the R.D.L. of 27 November 1933 n· 1578 converted into the Law of 22 January 1934 n· 36 which is known as the Legal Profession Law (in the following called LPF). Numerous amendments introduced later have very much changed the … Read more

Lawyers in Ireland

Lawyers in Ireland Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer As in other common law jurisdictions the legal profession is divided into two branches, solicitors and barristers, with the judiciary being appointed from practising members of the profession. Solicitors Solicitors are normally the first point of contact for individuals or organisations seeking legal advice. The solicitors’ profession … Read more

Lawyers in France

Lawyers in France Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer They are: Avocats (advocates) (see below) Specialised Practitioners include Insolvency practitioners and Other Practitioners (see below). Huissiers (bailiffs): see below. Notaires (notaries): see below. Avocats The avocat has exclusive rights of audience in all courts of general jurisdiction: Tribunaux de Grande Instance Cours d’Assises Cours d’Appel Tribunaux … Read more

Recognised Legal Professions

Recognised Legal Professions in Europe The free movement of professionals in the European Union The Treaty of Rome establishing the European Community covers all economic activities in their cross border dimensions. Sporting activities, for example, have their economic dimension as the recent Bosman case illustrates. As the European Court of Justice has stated that “the … Read more

Lawyers in Greece

Lawyers in Greece Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer: DIKIGOROS All practitioners are lawyers without distinction between functions. The DIKIGOROS can give advice and assistance on any aspect of Greek law. The dikigoros can be considered a rough equivalent of an English barrister and solicitor combined. The regulation of the legal profession is based on the … Read more

Lawyers in Finland

Lawyers in Finland Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer The position is very similar to that of Sweden. The legal profession is unified – no distinction is drawn between lawyers undertaking different areas of work. All practising members of the “official” legal profession are known as advocates (in Swedish advokater), in Finnish this translates as asianajaja … Read more

Lawyers in Denmark

Lawyers in Denmark Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer In Denmark there is essentially only one main type of lawyer, the advokat (advocate, see below). There are approximately 4,000 advocates. Bailiffs (pantefogeder) also exist. There is no notarial system. See also Pantefogeder (Bailiffs) below. Advokat Once certified by the Minister of Justice an advocate is free … Read more

Legal Profession

Legal Profession Laws Implementing the Directives of the European Community pertaining to the professional law regulating the legal profession Law regulating the activity of European lawyers in Germany (EuRAG) On 9 March 2000, the German Bundestag, with the approval of the Bundesrat, adopted the above law, with the following contents: Part 1 General Provisions § … Read more

Jacob Van Lennep

Jacob Van Lennep in Europe Life and Work Jacob Van Lennep (1802-1868), Dutch poet and novelist, was born on the 24th of March 1802 at Amsterdam, where his father, David Jacob van Lennep (1774-1853), a scholar and 419 poet, was professor of eloquence and the classical languages in the […]

Christian Dietrich Grabbe

Christian Dietrich Grabbe in Europe Life and Work Christian Dietrich Grabbe (1801-1836), German lawyer and dramatist, was born at Detmold on the 11th of December 1801. Entering the university of Leipzig in 1819 as a student of law, he continued the reckless habits which he had begun at […]

Mutual Recogniton of Qualifications

Mutual Recogniton of Qualifications The mutual recognition directives For professions which are not covered by the sectoral or the transitional directives the scheme of the general directives will normally operate, as long as the profession (and the individual) comes within the scope of the directives. MostMember States have implemented the directives fully. There are two … Read more

Lawyers in Austria

Lawyers in Austria Legal Professionals They include: RECHTSANWALT (advocate/attorney): see below. NOTAR (notary): see below. Staatsanwalt – (Public Prosecutor): The Staatsanwalt represents the State in criminal prosecutions, and has only a limited role in civil proceedings (in re succession). Only a judge or former judge can be appointed as a public prosecutor. Thus the training … Read more

Jean Baptiste Cabanis

Jean Baptiste Cabanis in Europe Jean Baptiste Cabanis (1723-1786), a lawyer and agronomist. He was the father of Pierre Jean George Cabanis Pierre Jean George Cabanis Pierre Jean George Cabanis (1757-1808), French physiologist, was born at Cosnac (Corrèze) on the 5th of June 1757, and […]

Jean Le Houx

Jean Le Houx in Europe Jean Le Houx, a Norman lawyer. At the beginning of the 17th century a collection of songs was published by Jean Le Houx, purporting to be the work of Olivier Basselin. There seems to be very little doubt that Le Houx was himself the author of the songs attributed to […]

John Hely-Hutchinson

John Hely-Hutchinson in Europe Life and Work John Hely-Hutchinson (1724-1794), Irish lawyer, statesman, and provost of Trinity College, Dublin, son of Francis Hely, a gentleman of County Cork, was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, and was called to the Irish bar in 1748. He took the […]

Henri Basnage

Henri Basnage in Europe Henri Basnage (1615-1695) was an eminent lawyer, sieur de Franquenay. His eldest son was Jacques Basage. Jacques Basnage Jacques Basnage (1653-1723), French Protestant divine, (…) was born at Rouen in Normandy in 1653. He studied classical languages at Saumur […]

Jean Louis Delolme

Jean Louis Delolme in Europe Life and Work Jean Louis Delolme (1740-1806), Swiss jurist and constitutional writer, was born at Geneva in 1740. He studied for the bar, and had begun to practise when he was obliged to emigrate on account of a pamphlet entitled Examen de trois parts de droit, […]

Lawyers in Poland

Lawyers in Poland Legal Professionals Types of Lawyer Bailiffs Information about Bailiffs in the European countries is provided here. Notaries Information about Notaries in the European countries is provided here. Other Issues Mobility Legal Education Legal Training Governing Bodies Relevant Legislation Lawyers in other European Countries Information on lawyers in Austria Information on lawyers in … Read more