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  • Principles of European Contract Law

    Principles of European Contract Law (Commision on European Contract Law) 2 25 May 2002 PRINCIPLES OF EUROPEAN CONTRACT LAW TEXT OF ARTICLES IN PART 3, IN ENGLISH CHAPTER 10 Plurality of parties Section 1: Plurality of debtors ARTICLE 10:101: SOLIDARY, SEPARATE AND […]

  • European Caselaw Databases

    JURE, a database created by the European Commission, contains case law on jurisdiction in civil and commercial matters and on the recognition and enforcement of judgments in a State other than the one where the judgment was passed. This includes case law on relevant international […]

  • History of Yugoslavia

    Introduction This is the first part of the history of Yugoslavia, which has had hugue implications in international law, specially European law. The Country Also called Jugoslavia. The official name was the “Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes” (Kraljevina Srba Hnata i Slovcnaca). […]

  • European Agency for Reconstruction

    European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR) The European Agency for Reconstruction is responsible for the management of the main EU assistance programmes in Serbia and Montenegro (Republic of Serbia, Republic of Montenegro, UN-administered Kosovo) and FYR of Macedonia. It was established in […]