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(1) A portion of the year during which alone judicial business could be transacted. By the Judicature Acts, 3873, 1875, the division of the year into terms was abolished, the year being divided into sittings and vacations (q.v.). The modern terms are : (i) Hilary, for the twenty-one days commencing January 11 ; (ii) Easter, for the twenty -eight days commencing the second Tuesday after Easter Sunday ; (iii) Trinity, for the twenty-one days commencing the second Tuesday after Whit Sunday; and (iv) Michaelmas, for the ‘twenty-four days commencing November 2. ” Keeping Term ” is the dining in hall of an Inn of Court the requisite number of times, in the course of qualifying for call to the Bar. (2) The fixed period for Vhich a right is to be enjoyed. [1] Term in the Dictionaries

Study of foreign legal terminology

The understanding of terminology when dealing with a foreign case is fundamental. When dealing with a file drafted in a foreign language, the basic need is to understand the legal concepts and instructions hidden behind words. Professional language involves a far more complicated dimension than the day-to-day language learnt on school benches. Legal concepts do not always have the same meaning across borders and do not necessarily refer to the same realities as perceived in the original language. .

The exchange of local practitioners (mobility of lawyers) is of prime importance as it enables a visiting advocate to learn the meaning of concepts in practice and difficulties or nuances may be cleared up with the support of the native speaker. It is far more interesting to understand a text than to mechanically translate it.


1. Definition of Term is, temporally, from A Concise Law Dictionary (1927).

Term (in European Private Law)

In this context, this may be a concept of the term: “Term” means any provision, express or implied, of a contract or other juridical act, of a law, of a court order or of a legally binding usage or practice: it includes a condition.


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