Terror in Europe

Terror and Terrorism: What to us Threatens?

Yakov Gilinskiy, made a contribution to the 2012 Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, in the category “Crime and Society,” under the title “Terror and Terrorism: What to us Threatens?”. Here is the abstract: Terrorism is one of the most serious problems of the modern world. There are three main signs of terrorism: application or threat of application of violence; its political (ideological, religious, ethnic) motivation; the real victims are peaceable population. It is necessary to distinguish terror and terrorism: terror from the power structures; terrorism as violence and intimidation from of weak. Terror provokes terrorism. Terrorism, leading to uncountable victims and bringing incalculable sufferings, is criminal activity and deserves the most severe assessment. But terrorism is crime “special type of”. From the point of view of terrorists of their requirement of idea “are fair”, have not smaller value, than against what they act. The world community and each state should undertake, first of all, political (economic, social) measures on prevention of conditions for terrorism on nonviolent permission social, interethnic, the conflicts of distinction of religions. It is necessary to “struggle” with certain performers of acts of terrorism, but it is impossible to eliminate the terrorism reasons as a social method of permissions (ethnic, religious, political) the conflicts.


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