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The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes tobacco in the following terms: [1] An EU Directive agreed in 1997 will lead to a phased ban, starting from 2002, on virtually all cigarette company advertising and sponsorship of sporting events. Formula One motor racing will be the last sport to lose its tobaccosponsorship, having gained an exemption until 2006. The moral high ground thus seized by the Commission was, however, undermined by the fact that the Community continued to subsidise some 200,000 inefficient European tobaccogrowers, chiefly in Greece and Italy, to the extent of about $900 million per year, much of it spent fraudulently.


Notas y References

  1. Based on the book “A Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union from Aachen to Zollverein”, by Rodney Leach (Profile Books; London)

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