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Urban Violence in Europe

The Urban Violence in France

Eguzki Urteaga, from the Universidad del País Vasco, made a contribution to the 2012 Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology, in the category “Traditional and New Forms of Crime and Deviance,” under the title “The Urban Violence in France”. Here is the abstract: This article analyses the urban violence in France with his characteristics and reasons. Beginning with the analysis of youth delinquency, it reveals the development of “incivilities” and illicit “business” in the disadvantaged neighborhoods, the return of the phenomenon of gangs as well as the anti-institutional violence. These trends are illustrated by the disturbances of 2005 that have had an international echo in the mass media. A study of these riots revel the morphology of the riot, his trigger factors, the urban, social or ethnic nature of these disturbances, as well as his apparent depoliticization. But, it is necessary to explain the delinquency and the urban violence. These phenomena turn around the cultural conformity, the crisis of social control, the increase of frustration, the role of family, the urban segregation and the culture of ghetto.


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