European Community Small Series Type Approval (EC SSTA)

EC Small Series Type Approval (EC SSTA) has been created for low volume car (category M1) and light van / light truck (category N1) producers only. Like full European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA) EC SSTA will allow Europe wide sales but with technical and administrative requirements that are more adapted to smaller businesses. Technical requirements are outlined in the Appendix to Part 1 of Annex IV of the framework directive

However, if you choose this route to approval, you will be limited to the number of vehicles your can manufacture within the year. The production limit for both cars and light vans / light trucks is 1000 per type each year in the whole of the EU.

On the face of it, you may feel that you have many vehicles to approve but in practice, these may boil down to just a few ‘types’. But how is a type defined?

Essentially, a type can best be viewed as a range of vehicles, which share a set of fundamental characteristics (these are described in the Directive at Section B of Annex II)

In multi-stage type approval, where the vehicle is built in more than one stage, such as a car converted for the carriage of wheelchair-bound passengers, each manufacturer’s chassis type will require a type for the following stage.

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