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Walter Hallstein in Europe

Life and Work of Walter Hallstein (1901-82)

The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes walter hallstein (1901-82) in the following terms: [1] A law professor who had been West Germany’s foreign minister under Konrad Adenauer, Walter Hallstein worked closely with Jean Monnet on the Schuman Plan to pool France’s and Germany’s coal and steel industries and was the author of the doctrine of refusing diplomatic relations to any country that recognised East Germany. In 1958 he became the first president of the European Commission, an office which he held for nine years (barely less than Jacques Delors). Hallstein’s independent ideas, which clashed sharply with those of Charles de Gaulle, were aimed at increasing the Commission’s authority; more fundamentally, he believed in economic integration leading naturally towards political union. He stood his ground so effectively as to cause France to boycott the EC and the European Parliament for the last six months of 1965. (See also ‘Empty chair’ crisis.)


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