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Life and Work of wim Duisenberg (1935-)

The Concise Encyclopedia of the European Union describes wim duisenberg (1935-) in the following terms: [1] In 1997, after 15 years as president of the Dutch Central Bank, WimDuisenberg, an economist of impeccably anti-inflationary credentials, was appointed president of the European Monetary Institute, which was replaced by the European Central Bank (ECB) in 1998. Initially considered a certainty to be the first head of the ECB, he was shocked when France unsuccessfully counter-proposed Jean-Claude Trichet as a candidate – a proposal which underlined the French wish to politicise the ECB and led eventually to an uneasy compromise whereby Duisenberg agreed informally not to serve out his full term. In 1999 he was the focus of some undeserved criticism as the euro lost over 15% of its value against the dollar in its first year of existence.


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