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Article 67 (1) of the European Union Treaty on the Functioning of the EU provides for the constitution of an area of justice with respect the different systems and traditions of the Member States.

The Encyclopedia of Law provides access to information about, among other European systems, the European Union and most Member States legal systems, as a tool for legal professionals and the public.

This online legal encyclopedia can be used in different ways. Search the entire website or browse through any of the Sections of Lawi, including browsing by Index, Thesaurus or Principles.

Advanced Tools for browsing

Lawi is offering many useful tools to assist with knowledge browsing of the Wiki Encyclopedia and other publications. These tools can help readers in reviewing the research they have performed, evaluating in some cases the citations in their browse result. Sharing the result in the Wiki Encyclopedia with searching tools, readers are able to expand or refine those results.

Categorization of Entries

Entries in the Wiki Encyclopedia of Law have been tagged with various categories to facilitate browsing and searching. To make best use of the site, please take in account that entries may be listed in more than one subject category. See below for links.


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