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Searching Cases

In order to find a specific case you may search by its citation, docket number, or party names.

  • Looking up a court decision by citation usually is the quickest and most accurate way to find a court decision.
  • In the United States and some other countries, the docket number search is a reliable and efficient method of finding a court decision. Sometimes, specially in non-US jurisdictions, no reporter citation has been attached to a court opinion. Then, a docket number search will allow you to find the slip case form.
  • You may also search or browse by party names. A party name search will also bring up slip opinions and unpublished court decisions.


The Encyclopedia of Law supports:

  • European citations
  • State reporter citations
  • Federal reporter citations
  • Regional reporter citations.


Other Jurisdictions

State Supreme and Appeals Courts
U.S. Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Courts


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